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The wooden tank took ND – Woodworking three months to build.

YouTuber ND – Woodworking: It’s one thing to purchase a car for your youngster; it’s quite another to construct one out of wood. However, this Vietnamese father went above and above by creating something unique, constructing a wooden replica of his son’s preferred video game tank.

The most recent project from YouTuber ND – Woodworking Art wasn’t one of the typical wooden automobiles we see on the channel. This time, a tank from the video game World of Tanks was what his son wanted. The wooden tank was constructed and operates differently than the first tank that the same YouTuber fashioned out of a recycled Mitsubishi Delica van. Instead of only wheels, it moved by means of tracks and sprockets.

The wooden “sprockets” and the frame were first constructed by the YouTuber. Note the quote marks; the wooden sprockets were merely decorative; actual metal sprockets were used to join the tracks. The two tracks ran in opposite directions thanks to two electric motors, which made it very simple for the tank to make actual tank turns. To complete the design, the wooden tank even features a revolving cylinder in the middle that is equipped with a bazooka nozzle.

The body panels and other elements, which were created entirely of wood, were where the true laborious job started. Given the amount of work the YouTuber had to do, the project’s completion time of three months actually isn’t surprising to us.

It’s crucial to note that, based on the location of the logo, both on the video and the tank itself, the wooden tank looks to have been ordered by the video game World of Tanks. Regardless, we admire the artistry and creativity displayed by this YouTuber in his earlier creations, such as the fantastic wooden scale replica of the Bugatti Centodieci.

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