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MrBeast is the new No. 1 with record earning, while Jake Paul, despite previous controversies, is in second place.

$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life! - YouTube
MrBeast’s Squid Game in Real Life

His intricate antics have racked up over 10 billion views on the platform, earning him $54 million (£39 million). He has surpassed Ryan Kaji, a 10-year-old toy reviewer who has led the annual list for the previous two years. According to the US magazine, the top ten YouTubers earned a total of $300 million (£218 million) in 2021. This year’s list, according to YouTube trends expert Chris Stokel-Walker, is interesting because it demonstrates “how stagnant” YouTube has gotten. He commented, “It struck me how white and male this entire list is.”

“If you look at prior years’ lists and check for any of the names, you’ll undoubtedly find them there as well, only in a different order.”

Many traditional entertainment media outlets struggled to shift during the pandemic. Movies have been pushed back, soap opera schedules have been changed, and video game releases have been postponed. It was, however, a period of rapid growth for YouTube. According to estimates, the network will have 2.3 billion users worldwide by 2021. Every day, one billion hours of video content are consumed on YouTube, according to the company.

YouTube, like many other modern media platforms, is dealing with issues of disinformation and harmful content, but this does not appear to be affecting the ability of its producers to attract advertising and sponsors to their channels.

Here is the complete list of the top ten:

10. Preston Arsement: Preston Arsement’s fanbase grew mostly due to Minecraft-related videos, however he has multiple channels on the internet. He was a regular on this list, earning an estimated $16 million (£11 million) in 2021, a slight decrease from the year before, when he was ranked sixth.

9. Logan Paul: In 2017, the controversial boxer and vlogger finished last in the top ten. In 2021, he earned $18 million (£13 million).

8. Dude Perfect: In 2020, comedy pranksters Dude Perfect ranked third on the list. Last year, they made $20 million (£14 million).

7. Ryan Kaji: The world’s most famous toy critic has plummeted to number seven on the list. His mix of toy reviews, educational films, and family vlogs helped him earn $27 million (£19 million) in 2021.

6. Nastya: On YouTube, the seven-year-old Russian has roughly 90 million viewers. She began as a toy unboxer, but her vlogs and music videos have grown in popularity, with her earnings reaching $28 million (£20 million) in 2021.

5. Unspeakable: The Minecraft player is a newcomer who has been uploading to YouTube for almost a decade. Last year, he made $28.5 million (£20 million) by selling the rights to his back catalog to the company Spotter.

4. Rhett and Link: The hosts of the geek talk show Good Mythical Morning made $30 million (£22 million) in 2021, making them a regular on the YouTube top earners list.

3. Markiplier: Markiplier, another regular game maker, has turned his commercial acumen into a profitable line of products, earning $38 million (£27 million) last year.

2. Jake Paul: Jake Paul has re-entered the top ten after branching out into boxing. In 2021, he earned $45 million (£32 million) through to high-profile fights against UFC stars. It’s a remarkable turnaround for the creator, who was chastised alongside his brother in 2017 for several of his vlogs, which were deemed offensive by many. With additional boxing plans in the works for 2022, it wouldn’t be surprising if he remained among YouTube’s elite on the following year’s list.

1. MrBeast: A creator who delights his audience with stunts and pranks is YouTube’s top earner. He reproduced portions of Netflix’s Squid Game on his channel last year, played hide and seek in an 80,000-seat stadium, and was buried underground.

Jimmy Donaldson almost doubled his income in 2021 after ranking second on this list the previous year, thanks to his 10 billion views and the MrBeast burger company.

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