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Yo Yo Honey Singh has been issued with a notice by Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Tania Singh, giving him until August 28 to file a response.

The wife of singer Hirdesh Singh, better known as Yo Yo Honey Singh, has filed a complaint with a Delhi court alleging physical, mental, and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband. She filed an application with Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Tania Singh, who issued a notice to the singer and gave him until August 28 to file a response.

On behalf of the woman, Sandeep Kapur, Apoorva Pandey, and GG Kashyap appeared. Following their 2011 marriage, they filed an application under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, stating that Singh had become “very arrogant, violent, harsh, and uncaring” to the woman.

Yo Yo Honey Singh faces physical & emotional abuse allegation

Singh is accused of violence, having illicit relationships, and mental abuse by the woman.

Singh “showed no shame in abusing, browbeating, manhandling, cheating, and causing irreparable harm to the lady he was meant to respect and protect,” she wrote in her petition. The Applicant, on the other hand, brought (Singh) back into the light from the abyss.”

Yo Yo Honey Singh faces physical & emotional abuse allegation

The woman has sought Rs 20 crore in damages from him, as well as a court order that he pay Rs 5 lakh per month for a fully furnished property in a prestigious section of Delhi. She has also requested the return of her stridhan and dowry articles.

The woman stated she suffered from Covid-19 and her oxygen levels were low in April of this year. She sought assistance from her husband, who allegedly did not return her calls and instead “shared Covid help messages” on social media. Her claim was that she had to self-admit to a Noida hospital after her spouse refused to assist her.

Singh had no regard for the law, according to the woman, and brazenly featured vulgarity in his songs, using insulting lyrics to gain popularity.

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