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Kathmandu: On May 15 last year, Yatri Motorcycle had delivered the first P-1 bike to its customer, and coincidentally, exactly one year later on May 15, Yatri Motorcycle’s P-1 motorcycle has been registered as the first domestically manufactured vehicle in Nepal. The P-1 motorcycle produced in Nepal has been registered in its full form as “Bagmati Pradesh 02 Ba 43 Pa 8650 number” at the Transport Management Office in Gurjudhara (Motorcycle). Along with this, it has become the first vehicle in Nepal to be registered without paper documents. After the registration, with the issuance of the number plate and bluebook, Yatri Motorcycle has commemorated the journey from P-1 to Special Series-1 for a period of one year. “We are always grateful to our special customers for their support in making history,” said Yatri Motorcycle. The company also expressed gratitude to all those who have contributed, including the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, the Department of Transport Management, and the Transport Management Office.

According to the department, after amending the directive in Nepal on April 14, the bike registration process has been facilitated based on the value-added tax (VAT) bill and the internal revenue form. Previously, the parts of vehicles such as Hulas Motors’ Mustang and Chasisal from abroad were registered in Nepal based on the LC (Letter of Credit) certificate. According to this, even though the vehicle was produced in Nepal, registration was based on the certificate of advertisement. However, Yatri Motorcycle has also obtained a unique identification number for the motorcycle’s chassis in Nepal. Despite importing various parts of the bike, registration had been a problem in Nepal as the platform was not developed before without the certificate of advertisement.

After the government amended the Transport Management Operation Directive 2060, the Department of Transport Management made special arrangements regarding the registration of vehicles that are rooted or produced in Nepal. However, the crisis of the registered document faced by Yatri Motorcycle has been resolved after the Department of Transport Management made special arrangements related to vehicle registration in Nepal.

The government had made provisions in the directory, adding section 11.1.9, stating that even if any other provision is mentioned in the directory, a public announcement letter for the registration of vehicles for importation from abroad and for vehicles manufactured or produced within Nepal, such as new registration, transfer of ownership, renewal of registration, auction registration, re-registration, and name transfer, would not require a vehicle advertisement certificate. According to this, the registration of the Nepali-made passenger vehicle “P1” was obtained without understanding the requirement of an advertisement certificate (LC).

For the registration, transfer of ownership, renewal of registration, auction registration, re-registration, and name transfer of vehicles manufactured or produced within Nepal, the operator or the manufacturing company would be subject to an increase in the value-added tax and other applicable provisions relating to internal taxes in accordance with the prevailing law. The arrangement was made for the issuance of an internal tax refund form for the vehicle’s right to an internal tax refund.

Along with this, all types of vehicles running on electric and petrol-diesel fuels made in Nepal are eligible for registration. Since there were legal obstacles to the registration of electric motorcycles made in Nepal, the government had opened the registration process for electric vehicles.

The Nepali-made electric bike “Yatri” had issued a warning to stop production if they did not receive number plates. Traffic police had interrogated them by clarifying that the number plate was not issued due to a security check.

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