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Both of Brazil’s 2022 World Cup jerseys, designed by Nike, were inspired by jaguars.

The Seleçao, who are presently regarded as the greatest FIFA men’s team in the world heading into the competition, will wear a pair of aggressively designed new uniforms in an effort to add to their already historic record of five World Cup victories.

The iconic yellow jersey is adorned with an all-over jaguar print pattern, which was inspired by the fur of the jaguar. While the home jersey is designed to resemble a traditional Brazil kit, a new generation of Brazil players have been motivated by the speed and power of the largest cat species in the Amazon.

While the jaguar symbol is printed subtly on the yellow home jersey, it is considerably more noticeable on the blue away jersey, where the graphic contrasts in an eye-catching shade of green on the sleeves against Brazil’s traditional blue away template.

A track jacket with an all-over animal design and a vintage tracksuit with a Noughties vibe that evokes the best of Swoosh x Brazil from earlier times are two other outstanding items from the collection.

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