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Kathmandu : The Kali Mati Fruits and Vegetables Market Development Committee has made public the prices of vegetables and fruits for today. According to the report, cauliflower, local cabbage, red radish, and sponge gourd are being sold at NPR 55 per kilogram.

Furthermore, large Indian cauliflower and local carrots are priced at NPR 65, local cauliflower at NPR 28, red potatoes at NPR 34 and 60 paisa, Indian red potatoes at NPR 30 and 67 paisa, dried onions at NPR 34 and 50 paisa, local tomatoes at NPR 11 and 80 paisa, Jyapu local cabbage at NPR 66 and 67 paisa. Similarly, local white radish is priced at NPR 22 and 50 paisa, long beans, cowpeas, and green beans at NPR 45, gourd at NPR 66 and 67 paisa, corn cobs at NPR 76 and 67 paisa, green peas at NPR 136 and 67 paisa, local wheat at NPR 75, Rajma beans at NPR 105, and soybean at NPR 116 and 67 paisa.

Bitter gourd is priced at NPR 55, bottle gourd at NPR 56, sponge gourd at NPR 95, sponge gourd at NPR 85, pointed gourd at NPR 35, snake gourd at NPR 63 and 33 paisa, turnip at NPR 76 and 56 paisa, okra at NPR 64, and ridge gourd at NPR 116 and 67 paisa.

Squash is priced at NPR 46 and 67 paisa per kilogram, mustard greens at NPR 46 and 67 paisa, spinach and amaranth greens at NPR 116 and 67 paisa, fenugreek greens and radish greens at NPR 46 and 67 paisa, green onions at NPR 86 and 67 paisa. If we talk about meat prices, mutton is priced at NPR 135, buffalo meat at NPR 110, pork at NPR 276, chicken at NPR 325, fish at NPR 76 and 67 paisa, broccoli at NPR 110, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts at NPR 76 and 67 paisa, celery and parsley at NPR 183 and 33 paisa, dill greens at NPR 115.

Mint is priced at NPR 175, tamarind at NPR 146 and 67 paisa, tofu at NPR 116 and 67 paisa, mushroom and oyster mushroom at NPR 283 and 33 paisa, bitter gourd at NPR 210, pomegranate at NPR 270, Malda and Dasheri mangoes at NPR 223 and 33 paisa, local sweet melon at NPR 95, ridge gourd at NPR 56 and 67 paisa, kiwi and avocado at NPR 483 and 33 paisa.

Green chili peppers are priced at NPR 375, red chili peppers at NPR 64, green garlic at NPR 96 and 67 paisa, dried Nepali garlic at NPR 130, catfish at NPR 343 and 33 paisa, and catla fish at NPR 315.

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