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With his specialized sniper rifle, Chamber can slow down opponents.

Chamber, newest Agent of Valorant, has finally been revealed by Riot. Chamber was revealed on Friday with a special teaser showcasing his devious skills and tailored array of weapons. Chamber, a French Sentinel Agent and weapons enthusiast, will be the newest addition to Valorant’s roster as the team continues to expand.

Chamber, a French weapons designer who is described as “fully clothed and well armed,” expels aggressors with lethal precision. With a contingency built into his strategy, he uses his unique weaponry to hold the line and pick off foes from distance.”

Here is the trailer of the champion release:

Chamber is a new sentinel character, which means he adds some extra utility to his squad, but he’ll have to earn kills to use some of it. His Ultimate summons his custom sniper weapon, which kills adversaries in a single shot while slowing enemies in the vicinity of the player who just died. Here’s a list of all of his abilities in further details:

Chamber Ability kit:

Ability 1 – Trademark:

Set up a trap that scans the area for enemies. When a visible opponent approaches, the trap counts down and then destabilizes the environment around them, creating a lingering field that slows players trapped within it.

Ability 2 – Headhunter:

To equip a heavy pistol, activate this option. With the pistol equipped to aim down sights, Alt fires.

Ability 3 – Rendezvous:

Two teleport anchors should be placed. Reactivate while on the ground and within range of an anchor to teleport to the other anchor swiftly. Anchors can be retrieved and re-deployed.

Ability 4 – Tour De Force:

Activate to summon a strong custom sniper rifle capable of killing an enemy with a single direct hit. When you kill an adversary, you generate a lingering area that slows down all players trapped in it.

Chamber is identical to his German counterpart, Killjoy, in terms of gameplay. He’s ideal for gamers who favor strategy over physical force, as he can snipe adversaries from afar after trapping them with his comprehensive weapon set.

On November 16, one patch following the release of Episode 3 Act 3, Chamber will be available in Valorant.

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