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Three individuals have died as a result of one of the most severe storms to hit the United Kingdom in decades.

One man died and another was seriously injured when their pickup truck hit a tree

Storms are bringing strong winds. A lady in her 30s died in London, a guy in his 20s died in Hampshire, UK and a man in his 50s died in Merseyside as the Storm Eunice uprooted trees and sent debris flying. In other parts of Europe, five people died as a result of the storm, which shut down schools, delayed transport, ripped off roofs, and left tens of thousands without power.

On the Isle of Wight, a gust of 122 mph set a temporary record for England. The Met Office issued unusual red weather warnings early on Friday, suggesting a danger to life, for coastal areas in south-west England and south Wales, as well as south-east England. Because of worries about wind, snow, and ice, many less-serious yellow warnings have been issued for Scotland, Northern Ireland, and portions of northern England.

At 16:00 GMT, police in Highgate, north London, were alerted to complaints of a tree falling on a car. The woman, who was a passenger, died at the scene, while the driver, a 30-year-old guy, was brought to the hospital. According to police, the man died in Merseyside was a passenger in a car driving towards Aintree when debris apparently hit the windscreen at around 14:10.

He was treated by paramedics on the site, but he was pronounced dead. The driver was not hurt in any way. Two men were in a pickup truck when it was crushed by a falling tree near Alton, Hampshire. The driver was rushed to the hospital with significant injuries, while the passenger was pronounced dead at the spot.

Fallen trees blocking the roads

Police and local authorities across the country reported receiving a flood of calls due to the storm, with some having to ask the public to call 999 only if there was a life-threatening situation. In response to the high volume of requests, the London Fire Brigade declared a major incident, while the South Central England Ambulance Service declared a critical event owing to high demand for emergency services. A mother and her infant were among those injured when a tree fell on them in Bedford, injuring her but leaving the baby unhurt.

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