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Udaipur: murder of the tailor has created a tense situation in the state

Religious tensions have arisen in the region as a result of the murder of a Hindu man in the state of Rajasthan in northern India. Two Muslim males killed the victim, a tailor named Kanhaiya Lal, in the Udaipur area on Tuesday. The act was recorded and posted online.

They asserted that the victim’s support for contentious comments made against the Prophet Muhammad by a politician was the reason behind the attack. Internet access has been suspended, and public meetings of any size are forbidden.

Udaipur: Tailor beheaded in broad daylight

The two males, who identified themselves in the video, have been detained by police.

They threatened Prime Minister Narendra Modi in another video while brandishing cleavers and bragging about the murder. As the murder was “too horrific to view,” a senior Rajasthan police official requested that media outlets refrain from airing the video. Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan, has urged people to maintain their composure.

The National Investigative Body, India’s primary anti-terrorism agency, has been tasked by the federal government with looking into the event.

The men forced their way into Kanhaiya Lal’s store by pretending to be customers and then attacked him while he took their measurements.

The victim allegedly posted on social media in favour of Nupur Sharma, a former BJP spokesperson who made contentious remarks about the Prophet Muhammad last month.Her comments sparked a diplomatic row with several Islamic countries registering strong protests with India. The BJP subsequently suspended Ms Sharma from the party.

The controversy also led to religious protests in India which turned violent after demonstrators threw stones and damaged public property.

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