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The new style is more cinematic than the previous one.

As if we had any doubts, the Marvel anti-hero Venom and his unwilling host Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) are returning to Fortnite. Although his antagonist Carnage was previously included in the Season 8 battle pass, a fresh leak from data miner HypeX indicates that the cinematic version of Venom will be included as a skin as well.

A photo from the item shop can be seen below:

Not only that, but Venom will be accompanied by an alternate skin based on Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Eddie Brock in the Venom movie from Sony. Take a look at the lovely odd duo at the game. According to HypeX, you’ll be able to buy the Eddie Brock suit and transform into Venom using a built-in emote.

The item shop now has Eddie Brock and Venom (both the new and season 4 versions). Because it’s an emotive skin, the Eddie Brock/Venom skin alone will set you back 2,000 V-bucks. The new Symbiote Scythe and Tendrils of Venom back bling are included in this.

In addition, as part of the bundle, players will receive the Symbiote Scythe pickaxe as well as the Different Tasty Snack Emoticon. The Item Shop also offers the Symbiote Trail Contrail and Sail Glider available for purchase.

To be clear, you’ll begin each match as Eddie Brock and transform into Venom only after using the included emote. Until you use the emote again and morph back, you’ll appear as Tom Hardy’s Venom. You can start matches as Venom by simply selecting that Style from the Locker.

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