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Tom Cruise, the star of “Mission Impossible,” is about to accomplish his greatest achievement in movie history.

Tom Cruise to film his next movie in Outer Space

Along with his talent as an actor, Tom Cruise is renowned for his willingness to participate in stunts for his films, notably those in the “Mission Impossible” genre that frequently feature life-threatening situations.

According to a new source, the 60-year-old appears to be about to gain another another accomplishment. The actor will be the first to film in space when he teams up with director Doug Liman to shoot scenes for an upcoming movie.

The actor’s blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick” sequel, which he previously released earlier this year, was a huge commercial and critical triumph. Cruise is en route to accomplishing yet another remarkable feat. According to rumors, the 60-year-old is presently developing plans for a space-set movie with “The Bourne Identity” director Liman. The concept, which purportedly has nothing to do with the “Mission Impossible” film series, was first discussed two years ago.

The COVID-19 outbreak forced the postponement of the movie pitch from 2020. Inquiries about the concept were made to Universal Filmed Entertainment Group (UFEG) by Cruise and Liman. The “Top Gun: Maverick” actor would travel to the International Space Station by boarding a rocket, as per the plans.

The idea was discussed in an interview with BBC News by Donna Langely, the chairman of UFEG. Langely declared, “I think Tom Cruise is taking us to space; he’s taking the globe to space.” That is the strategy. Tom and I are working on a fantastic project that involves sending a rocket to the Space Station and firing from there.

The space movie is allegedly still in development, but Langely said the motion picture business was trying to go back to where it was before the epidemic started. According to BBC News, Cruise’s ascent to space is currently only an “aspirational” goal.

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