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The Exorcist, the Oscar-winning horror film, is coming to Halloween Horror Nights to raise hell all over again. Halloween

Horror Nights, the annual scare-fest at Universal Studios Hollywood, continues to set up terrifying theme park experiences for customers. The fan-favorite maze, which first opened in 2016, is the latest addition to Universal Studios Hollywood’s 2021 event. The announcement coincides with the start of ticket sales.

The event was canceled last year because of the pandemic, but it appears to be back this year with a vengeance. We just learned that The Haunting of Hill House, based on Mike Flanagan’s critically acclaimed Netflix series, would be heading to Halloween Horror Nights in a special labyrinth. We now have confirmation that an even bigger horror icon will be in attendance.

By popular demand, Halloween Horror Nights, or HHN, has announced that The Exorcist will return this year. The Exorcist is one of the best horror film, if not the best horror film of all time. It has possibly outlasted The Sting, which is still a wonderful film, and should have won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1973.

The Exorcist, widely regarded as one of the scariest films of all time, has had a major impact on the horror genre and beyond, fast becoming a part of pop culture. The controversial original film, which was premiered in theaters in 1973 and has grossed $1.8 billion after inflation, cost $12 million to produce. The Exorcist spawned a series of films and a television show.

The Exorcist announced for Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights

In the maze, the guests will witness and experience firsthand the iconic horrific happenings that tormented 12-year-old Regan and her mother.

When the initial version of the maze opened at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, Linda Blair, who played Regan, told me that she “could never have imagined in a million years” seeing The Exorcist remade as a maze in this fashion. She went on to say that it was “not about her,” but rather “a dedication to people who adore The Exorcist with such fervor.”

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