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Boris Becker has been sentenced to prison for bankruptcy

Boris Becker, the former Wimbledon champion, has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for concealing £2.5 million in assets and loans in order to avoid paying debts.

Under the Insolvency Act, the 54-year-old six-time Grand Slam champion was found guilty on four offences. Becker declared bankruptcy in June 2017 as a result of an unpaid loan of more than £3 million on his luxury Mallorca villa.

Becker had arrived at court earlier this morning with Miss de Carvalho Monteiroa, dressed smartly in a suit and wearing a Wimbledon tie as he walked up the steps and entered the building while holding her hand. He then walked into the courtroom, followed by his eldest son, who was carrying a large Puma-branded backpack that the tennis star had earlier been spotted carrying outside his home.

He had showed no sorrow or acceptance of guilt, according to Judge Deborah Taylor. “You have… attempted to remove yourself from your crime and your bankruptcy,” she said Becker before sentencing.

“While I accept your humiliation as part of the proceedings, there has been no humility.”

Jurors convicted Boris Becker guilty of removal of property, two charges of failing to disclose estate, and hiding debt earlier this month after hearing evidence for approximately two weeks. They acquitted him on nine counts of neglecting to hand over his tennis trophies and medals, including two from Wimbledon.

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