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Super People’s Alpha Test ran from August 11 to August 23 and was available through GeeGee, Wonder People’s proprietary game client.

Wonder People, a South Korean developer, launched its newest battle royale this week: Super People. As the title suggests, this new edition will allow players to compete in knockout battles against superhuman opponents.

Wonder People produced a video that demonstrates the game’s gameplay in further detail. It’s in Korean, but the mechanics are straightforward; after all, the battle royale genre is well-known. And the Super People aesthetic is very similar to that of PUBG.

The main distinction is, of course, in the powers. There are 12 different troop classes, some with flashier abilities like teleportation, while others are only powerful enough to handle a minigun.

Super People: A new Battle Royale by Wonder People

The game’s fundamental principle is to include the characters’ particular powers into the battle royale process of gathering materials and looking for equipment. According to Wonder People, in Super People, in addition to obtaining weapons and accessories for your soldier, the player will also locate stuff that will boost their abilities. Furthermore, each character has a “ultimate” that must be unlocked by collecting a specific number of unique objects.

Super People: A new Battle Royale by Wonder People

Super People’s Alpha Test started from August 11 and ended on August 23 and which was available through GeeGee, Wonder People’s proprietary game client. The test itself will was divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Squad Mode

From August 11 to August 14, players were able to join Squad Mode. Each team could have up to four players and drop into Orbisland, where would eliminate all other teams to win the round.

Phase 2: Solo Mode

From August 15 to August 17, players battled it out in Solo Mode. Players had to tread carefully in this mode where everyone was hostile and being the sole survivor was all that mattered.

Phase 3: All Modes

From August 17 until the end of the Alpha Test on August 23, players were able to join battles in Solo, Duo, and Squad Mode.

Super People does not yet have a release date, but Wonder People claims it has received a lot of feedback during a closed alpha of the game and will provide more details shortly.

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