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There’s a lot more to this adventure game than just cat puns.

Stray: A new cat video game that one must play

At last year’s Annapurna Interactive event, Stray was revealed. In the third-person game from BlueTwelve Studio, you take on the role of an orange cat with no name who lives with several other felines. Like cats, your crew spends their days sleeping, playing, and adventuring. You are separated from your cat family due to an accident, which brings your life in the paradise’s golden rays to an abrupt end.

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You awaken amid a robotically-populated, crumbling cybercity. You’ll need to discover a route back to the Outside while assisting your new allies in fighting against the city’s parasitic Zurk infestation.

The designers expertly portrayed how cats move, including how they stretch out when they wake up from naps, tear up rugs, and yes, even throw things over ledges for no apparent reason. These situations allow you as a player to express your personality. Do you lurk in the shadows to avoid being seen, or do you go headlong into the conflict? You have the choice.

The unique computer game Stray is much more than just a place to find cat puns. The locations are magnificent and teeming with likable folks. The game’s creators effectively produce moving stories with little to no dialogue.

In Stray, the entire world is your playground, and you can move about it with the agility of a cat. Don’t undervalue your abilities, even as a small cat distant from home. Don’t forget to stir up a little trouble as well.

Stray is now available for PlayStation 5 owners, PlayStation 4 owners via Steam, PlayStation Plus Extra members, and PC users.

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