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According to Sanford Panitch, President of Sony Pictures Motion Group, there is a plan for Spider-Man to meet other villains from the Sony universe of comics.

There have been rumors for quite some time that Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home will have significant repercussions for the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to recent sources, Sanford Panitch, President of Sony Pictures Motion Group, indicated that the picture could have even wider repercussions for the Sony Marvel Universe.

Spider-Man: No Way Home may serve as a bridge between Sony's Marvel films and the MCU.

For the uninitiated, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Walt Disney Studios, who declared last month that they couldn’t agree on terms to continue working together on the live-action Spider-Man series, announced a reversal on Friday, much to the relief of fans of the movie.

And now, according to Variety, Sony Pictures Motion Group President Sanford Panitch has revealed that Spider-Man will face other villains from the Sony universe of comic book films, including Venom, Carnage, and the impending Kraven from Sony’s recently announced Kraven the Hunter feature.

“I believe now maybe it’s getting a little clearer for folks where we’re headed,” he continued during the interview, “and I think when No Way Home comes out, even more will be revealed.”

Panitch also hinted that, while Spider-Man: No Way Home is the final picture from Disney’s Marvel Studios and Sony’s collaboration, he feels there may be additional opportunities in the future. Panitch went on to say that the Marvel universe has a large number of characters, before adding, “It’ll be great if they do meet, right?”

According to reports, No Way Home will feature characters from Sony’s previous Spider-Man films, which featured Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Sony, on the other hand, is busy expanding its Marvel Universe. The sequel to Venom, which debuted in 2018, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, will be released this year. Kraven the Hunter will also make his debut in 2023. Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play the major role in the next film, which was recently revealed.

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