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This is a Heading EIt pained my heart to read the words “Snoop Dogg can be leveled up” in an official blog article, but it’s real.

Snoop Dogg is a Call of Duty Operator and one of the most renowned and well-known celebrities on the planet. The 50-year-old rapper/songwriter from Southern California is a huge Call of Duty enthusiast and player, so it’s no surprise that Activision has given him his own Operator Bundle and Tracer Pack.

Calvin Broadus Jr. has been added to Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard as a playable operator. When you buy the Tracer Pack: Snoop Dogg Operator Bundle, you’ll get Snoop’s voice lines as well as blueprints for three legendary guns that all fire Green Weed tracer bullets. The West Coast Bling assault rifle, the Tha Shiznit SMG, and the Bong Ripper sniper rifle are the armaments in question. They can’t be accused of not embracing the concept.

A golden leaf weapon (“Mellow Medal”), an emblem (“The Original Gangsta”), a spray (“High Art”), and a “Finishizzle Movizzle” are also available. Tactical Toke is a match entrance for Vanguard players, as well as “Hit This, Fam,” an MVP highlight.

Here’s a little trailer of what to expect:

Snoop, like the other operators in Vanguard, has challenges that you may perform for XP. Wins, headshot kills, hipfire kills, and plain vanilla kills are all rewarded in his four challenges. Each one propels Snoop down a road that leads to more sprays, operator quips, a calling card, a sticker, weapon XP rewards, another weapon charm, a Vanguard killcam vanity, and four other costumes.

Only until you reach Snoop to level 20 can you unlock the top tier of those clothes, which includes the VIP outfit and one called Tha Doggfather.

Snoop is a member of Task Force 420, and his hobbies include “listening to K-Pop, smoking, and painting,” according to his official Call of Duty bio. Yes, it’s all a little strange, but strange appearances have a long history in Call of Duty games. (Don’t forget that Jeff Goldblum was in the zombies mode in Black Ops 3.) Snoop Dogg lent his voice to a Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer voice pack in 2014, even though he wasn’t playable.

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