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Season 9 of Smite will include the deity Shiva, a new game mode called Slash, and an updated Conquest map.

Smite: Lord Shiva from Hindu mythology has been included as one of the newest playable characters in the popular third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game known for its ‘war of gods.’

Earlier this week, during its Hi Rez Showcase, developer Hi Rez Studios focused on all of these new add-ons, outlining just some of what’s coming to the free-to-play MOBA in 2022.

The character is known as Shiva, the Destroyer, and he first appears in Season 9 of the game. The game’s creators haven’t revealed the character’s in-game traits, but they have stated that they worked with consultants to ensure that the Hindu god is depicted appropriately without offending anyone’s feelings.

Ganesha, Agni, Kali, Kumbhakarna, Rama, Ravana, Vamana, and Bakasura are among the many Indian gods in the game. In February 2022, his character is set to debut.

Lord Shiva appears in all his grandeur in the character’s cinematic movie, and unlike other Indian gods who have a different artistic touch, Lord Shiva appears to be the most authentic of the bunch — whether it’s the glowing third eye, the blue neck, or ‘Neel Kanth.’ Smite Season Pass, which costs $40 (about Rs 2,800), is named after the gaming character.

Slash Mode, a new game mode in the game, has been included as well which Hi Rez describes as a hybrid of its Siege and Clash modes, includes typical tower, phoenix, and Titan objectives as well as a jungle that is halfway between Siege and Clash in size

“The open center area and 5v5 team sizes from Clash ensure frequent fighting and rotations, and new Juggernaut camps that can be cleared to Spawn your own Juggernaut that push lanes and be teleported too like Siege,” Hi Rez explained.

In addition to Shiva and Slash mode, players can also expect 14 new God skins, several updates to the game’s various Relics and items,

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