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Police say 3 people were wounded in a shooting outside Nationals Park that sent players and fans scrambling during a game.

As the sound of gunfire filled the Nationals park stadium at a professional baseball game in Washington on Saturday night, some fans and players ran for safety, and authorities later confirmed many people had been shot outside.

According to Ashan Benedict, executive assistant chief of police for DC’s Metropolitan Police Department, a fan outside the stadium was one of three people injured.

Multiple loud bangs were heard by CNN journalists inside the stadium during a game between the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres at the bottom of the sixth inning.After hearing gunshots, fans evacuated their seats and sought refuge. According to Benedict, there was no threat to those inside the stadium in the end.

Shooting outside Nationals Park stadium

Initially, it was unclear if the incident took place within or outside the property. On social media, videos of the incident showed several supporters surging into the third-base dugout.

Two persons were shot outside the ballpark, according to the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia.

“Two additional victims associated with the incident walked into area hospitals for treatment of gunshot wounds.”, it stated in a follow-up tweet.

The number of victims shot was eventually reduced to three, according to media reports.

“I just want to assure the public that at no time during this incident were individuals inside the stadium attending the game in any kind of danger. This was not an active shooter incident and it’s not being investigated as such. Everything took place outside the stadium”, Benedict said.

Shooting outside Nationals Park stadium

The incident resulted in the suspension of a baseball game in the Nationals park stadium between the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres that had been in progress. On Sunday, play is slated to continue, followed by the regular-season game. The shooting occurred in the sixth inning.

According to the Washington Post, a guy was shot in the leg and a woman was hit in the back, with wounds that were not life-threatening.

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