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Over 120,000 people have been relocated and transported, and 17,000 homes have collapsed across Shanxi province.

The flooding in Shanxi may have been even worse than the floods that hit Henan earlier this year. Last week, the provincial capital of Shanxi, Taiyuan, received an average rainfall of roughly 185.6mm, compared to 25mm in October between 1981 and 2010.

The flooding comes less than three months after heavy rains killed more than 300 people in Henan province.

Shanxi province in China flooded, nearly 2 million displaced

According to local media, catastrophic flooding has affected more than 1.76 million people in China’s northern Shanxi province. Last week’s torrential rains caused houses to collapse and landslides in more than 70 districts and cities across the province. Shanxi is also home to a handful of ancient structures that are under grave danger due to the heavy rains.

Heavy and continuous rainfall and storms impeded rescue attempts in Shanxi, according to China’s Meteorological Administration.

According to the state-run Global Times, four police officers killed in a landslide, though no information regarding further casualties has been revealed.

Shanxi province in China flooded, nearly 2 million displaced

Apparently, rescuers in Taiyuan used megaphones to instruct trapped people: “Children should be held over your head, and the elderly and ladies should be given priority to go ashore first. Don’t be alarmed; everyone will be saved.”

Villages were flooded, trapping families and forcing dams to collapse, according to China Global Television Network.

Shanxi is a major coal-producing province, and the rain led the government to halt operations at mines and chemical plants.

China is currently experiencing an energy shortage, which has resulted in power outages. Electricity usage at ports and industry has been restricted by the government. The provincial government announced that production at 60 coal mines, 372 non-coal mines, and 14 risky chemical plants had been halted. On the 4th of October, operations at 27 other coal mines were halted.

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