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Shanghai has been placed under lockdown, with entire communities being relocated as part of an anti-Covid campaign.

Shanghai Lockdown: According to the BBC, Chinese officials are enforcing severe measures to try to stem a new outbreak of Covid by relocating entire communities in areas of Shanghai. Orders to relocate residents to quarantine facilities more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) away are detailed in an official notice from local Communist Party officials in an area to the north of the city.

People will be relocated from Pingwang to Zhejiang, where they will stay for at least a week. According to the notification, children under the age of six, the elderly, and people with impairments may be excluded.

Shanghai Lockdown: Whole community in anti- covid campaign

It stated that only those who tested negative could go; nevertheless, it is unclear why persons who tested negative are being relocated. Officials are under extreme duress to limit the danger of transmission and eliminate cases. It comes only days after officials forcibly evicted residents from their houses and relocated a large portion of Shanghai’s population.

At least 1,000 people were forced to leave the little town of Beicai and relocate to make way for officials to sterilize the land on the outskirts of the Pudong district in the city’s east.

Shanghai Lockdown: Whole community in anti- covid campaign

Residents were given official warning to pack their possessions and leave their wardrobe doors open. They were also instructed to leave their front door open. People queuing with packed suitcases at night, as shown on social media, demonstrated the enormity of the operation.

The town’s Epidemic Prevention Office also issued the following directive: “You may not bring your pets with you during this evacuation, but we will make arrangements for their care.”

It’s yet another example of China’s willingness to go to great measures to stem the spread of Covid in Shanghai, which has had approximately 400,000 cases during the outbreak. The majority of the city’s 25 million residents are still under extreme lockdown, which has now been in place for four weeks. 17 individuals have died in the city this week as a result of contracting Covid, according to local officials.

Almost all of the occupants were elderly and unvaccinated, with underlying health issues.

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