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Kundra was in talks to sell 121 sexual recordings for 1.2 million dollars; A mysterious closet was discovered in his office wall.

Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty’s businessman husband, was jailed on July 19  along with 10 others in a pornography-related case by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch. He is currently in police custody, and all leads are being investigated.

An employee of Kundra’s Viaan Industries reportedly told the police on Saturday about a suspicious closet well hidden into the wall of Kundra’s office. A new raid was carried out as a result of the intelligence. The cops discovered the stated cupboard as well as some boxes, which they now have in their possession.

According to reports, the information was discovered while authorities were questioning Viaan Industries employees. The retrieved boxes, according to sources, contain files relating to financial exchanges, primarily cryptocurrency. The police did not find the cabinet during previous raids because it was properly hidden behind a wall, and Kundra never revealed anything about it.

Raj Kundra case: Update

Meanwhile, the investigation team told a television outlet that Kundra was attempting to enter a 1.2 million dollar international transaction through the selling of 121 sexual videos. The investigation into Kundra’s bank accounts at Yes Banka and Union Bank of Africa is now underway.

On Friday, the police raided Raj and Shilpa’s Juhu bungalow and questioned actress Shilpa Shetty about the matter. They are currently investigating whether she had any involvement in the case. Shilpa has come into question, according to sources, because she resigned from her role as director at Viaan Industries.

Viaan Industries, controlled by Raj Kundra, was allegedly in charge of the pornographic production and distribution. Officials are looking into whether Shilpa benefited in any manner from the company’s profits.

According to sources, four employees from Kundra’s Viaan Industries are expected to testify against Raj because he has not cooperated adequately with the investigation.

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Raj Kundra case: Update

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