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A painting by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso that was stolen in a gallery heist nine years ago at a Greek gallery has been found.

On Monday, police in Athens reported the discovery of painting of Picasso’s Woman’s Head, as well as a 1905 artwork of a windmill by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.

A third artwork along with aforementioned paintings were taken during a brief early morning heist at Athens national gallery which is said to have taken only few minutes to carry out.

According to the Reuters news agency, a Greek man was arrested when the art was discovered stashed in a gorge on the city’s outskirts, citing an anonymous police official. The announcement came just months after Greek police said they believed the artwork was still in the country.

The Picasso painting, a cubist-style portrait of a woman, was gifted to the National Gallery by the artist himself in 1949. He claimed the gift, which he said was painted a decade ago, was in honor of the country’s fight against Nazi Germany.

During the heist, a second Mondrian painting was abandoned at the scene after the perpetrators dropped it while fleeing.

On Tuesday, officials are set to give a press conference to address the art recovery.

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