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According to officials, a violent tropical storm that hit the Philippines has killed at least 45 people and caused landslides and floods in the south.

Philippines: Storm Nalgae kills dozens in floods

On Mindanao island’s Maguindanao province of Philippines, Storm Nalgae wrecked the most destruction. The area surrounding the city of Cotabato is heavily flooded. Nalgae is moving north, and Manila, the country’s capital, is expecting heavy rain.

After landslides, rescuers extricated numerous bodies from the murky mud. Storm winds can gust as high as 95 km/h (59 mph). In a large portion of the archipelago, where many people commute everyday by water, the Coast Guard has halted ferry operations. Many individuals are being evacuated to shelters by the Coast Guard.

On Thursday, it started to rain a lot, and this weekend is when the storm is supposed to be at its worst. Some schools were forced to close due to the storm, and buses were forced to cease running.

72 deaths were first reported by officials on Saturday, but that number has since been reduced.

Every year, there are about 20 typhoons or tropical storms that hit the Philippines. Although Nalgae, which originates from the Pacific Ocean, is not exceptionally powerful, it is incredibly big, spanning much of the nation, and extremely damp.

Some regions have seen their most daily rainfall ever. With its fragile geology and mountain ranges devoid of trees, the Philippines is always one of the country’s most dangerous for flash floods and landslides.

On the slopes of the largest volcanoes, warnings have been issued regarding potential mudslides. Although the emergency services are skilled at reacting to severe storms, the enormous amounts of water have made trapped person rescue challenging.

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