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“We watched as our dream home sank from the side of the road.”

Pakistan makes thousands to evacuate near flood-driven areas

Numerous orders to evacuate thousands of residents in north of Pakistan came Saturday as the death toll from the devastation of the monsoon rains approached 1,000 and there was no sign of an end in sight.

In the scenic region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is made up of rocky mountains and valleys, many rivers have burst their banks, destroying a number of structures, including a 150-room hotel that collapsed into a roaring stream.

Junaid Khan, 23, the owner of two fish farms in Chrasadda, stated, “The house which we built with years of arduous labor started sinking in front of our eyes.” The Indian subcontinent’s yearly monsoon is necessary for irrigating crops and replenishing lakes and dams, but it also brings a wave of devastation each year.

One in seven Pakistanis, according to officials, have been impacted by this year’s monsoon flooding, which has destroyed or severely damaged roughly a million homes. Authorities ordered hundreds of residents in threatened areas to leave their homes on Saturday because rivers still hadn’t filled to capacity.

When the water level rose, some residents changed their minds and consented to leave, according to Bilal Faizi, spokesman for the Rescue 1122 rescue service, who spoke to AFP.

Officials claim that this year’s floods are equivalent to those in 2010, which were the worst on record and resulted in over 2,000 fatalities and submerged about a fifth of the nation.

Farmer Shah Faisal reported how his riverfront home was devoured by a river when the strong current undermined the bank as he and his family were tented by the side of a road in Chrasadda.

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