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Opera GX, the world’s first web browser designed particularly for gamers, has launched the Opera GX Game Jam 2021, a competition for the best in-browser offline game.

The creators of the top three games will get cash awards of $3k, $7k, and $10k, respectively. The victors will also benefit from expert advice and exposure on the Opera GX, GameMaker Studio 2, and Game Jolt social media channels. The winner game will be included as the first playable game in Opera GX.

“When the internet isn’t available, some browsers irritate us with dinosaurs or surfing games, which only serves to remind players that without the internet, we’re be back in the stone age and unable to access the web. The GX Game Jam was developed to encourage all artists and creative players to make the offline experience more enjoyable,” stated Maciej Kocemba, Product Director of Opera GX.

GameMaker Studio 2, the world’s leading 2D game production engine, is hosting the GX Game Jam. Game Jolt, one of the largest communities for people who build and play games, is also collaborating.

Opera GX: 'No internet' page game creation competition

The prizes for the top creators are:


  • Grand Prize – $10,000 USD for the Grand Prize winner + your game on Opera GX’s ‘No Internet‘ page
  • Runner Up – $7,000 USD for the Runner Up
  • Third Place – $3,000 USD for Third Place

Before being released within the Opera GX desktop browser, the winning game will receive expert development support from the YoYo Games team.PolyMars and Bricky will play and review the finest games on their YouTube channels.

Opera GX: 'No internet' page game creation competition

Each of the games will be played by Opera and YoYo Games personnel, who will then offer their choices to a panel of expert judges. The judges will play and select four games to show to the community for voting and ultimate selection.

August 14-22nd: Opera, YoYo Games and the panel of judges will select the top 4 games.

August 22-29th: Public voting! Vote on your favorite of the 4 games to pick the final 3 winning games.

September 9th: Winners will be announced!

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