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Forecasters warned Sunday that the Big Apple (NYC) will be scorching all week due to a heat wave combined with oppressive humidity, which may bring real-feel temperatures as high as 105 degrees.

Temperatures are predicted to reach the low 90s Monday through Wednesday, but the humidity could make it seem much hotter, up to 105 degrees, according to Accuweather meteorologist Danielle Knittle. “Unfortunately, the humidity will be really high over the course of those three days, and we’ll be experiencing the dreary weather till the end of the week,” she warned.

The situation will become “very uncomfortable,” according to the expert. “As soon as you step outside, you can feel the dampness and moisture on your skin. According to Accuweather, temperatures will cool down for the holiday weekend, with highs of 78 degrees on Saturday, 80 degrees on Sunday, and 81 degrees on July 4th.

Even after the heat wave passes, a slow-moving storm expected to arrive Thursday and remain “will keep the humidity around,” according to Knittle. Joe Cassidy, 50, went to the Rockaway Beach Boardwalk in Queens on Sunday to take a break before the impending heat wave of the NYC.

Cassidy told The Washington Post, “I’ll try to hide indoors in the afternoon, or if I have to work, perhaps I’ll be inside with an air conditioner.” “Obviously, I’d come down to the beach next weekend to beat the heat,” he remarked. This was Knittle’s advice.

“Definitely dress in lighter-colored apparel to help deflect some of that heat,” she said. “Keep yourself hydrated. If you’re going to be outside, try to take frequent breaks.”

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