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Nigeria confirms that President Buhari’s security convoy was ambushed by gunmen.

Before visiting his home state in the northwest, Nigerian President Buhari’s security team was traveling in a convoy when gunmen opened fire, the presidency reported on Tuesday. When attackers started shooting at a number of the convoy’s vehicles, two individuals were injured.

President Buhari was not present. The attack serves as another another reminder of the pervasive insecurity in the most populous nation in Africa. Over the weekend, President Buhari will travel to his hometown of Daura in the state of Katsina to observe a Muslim holiday.

Nigeria: President Buhari's security team attacked

According to a statement from the presidency on Tuesday night, the gunmen started shooting at the President Buhari’s security team’s van near Daura, which also contained DSS personnel, presidential protocol, and the press office.

According to the presidency, “the terrorists opened fire on the convoy but were repulsed by military, police, and DSS officers.” “Two members of the convoy are receiving minimal medical attention. The rest of the team has safely arrived in Daura.

The Nigerian security forces are present on several fronts: the north-east, where a jihadist insurgency has been raging since 2009; the northwest and center, where numerous criminal gangs of various kinds are common; and the south-east, where separatist agitations are frequently the target.

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