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Nepal intends to relocate the camp away from a glacier.

According to the BBC, Nepal is relocating the Everest base camp away from the melting Khumbu glacier. According to research, the Khumbu glacier is quickly receding as a result of climate change. “We’re seeing increasing rock falls and melt-water movement on the surface of the glaciers, which can be dangerous,” Scott Watson, a glacier researcher at the University of Leeds, told the BBC.

The ice melt is causing the existing base camp location to become unstable, and it is no longer safe. Climbers report seeing fissures in the ground overnight, and guides predict additional avalanches and ice falls in the future at the current position. The new base camp will be 200 to 400 meters lower in elevation, and will be located in an area without year-round ice.

Khumbu Glacier:

Nepal to move Everest base camp due to melting glacier

However, climate change isn’t the only thing contributing to the destabilization: the sheer number of people passing through the base camp adds to the chaos. “For example, we discovered that people at the base camp urinate roughly 4,000 liters every day,” Khimlal Gautam, a member of the group that proposed the change, told the BBC. “And the vast number of fuels we use there for cooking and heating, such as kerosene and gas, will undoubtedly have an influence on the glacier’s ice.”

Not just at the base camp, but across Everest, conditions are progressively deteriorating. Other glaciers are melting, losing ice that took hundreds of years to form in just a few years. The ascent is becoming more perilous as a result. The melting is exposing the frozen, dead remains of previous climbers as well as rubbish mounds.

Nepal’s tourist department must continue consult with local stakeholders, especially local populations that may be impacted by the change. However, if everything goes according to plan, base camp could be relocated by 2024.

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