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Doha :  Bhaktamani Rakhala Returning from Saudi Arabia Reaches Nepal. In a special initiative by the Nepali Embassy in Saudi Arabia, Bhaktamani Rakhala, who was involved in a vehicle accident while returning to Nepal from the airport on January 21, 2023, has been brought back to Nepal on May 4. After a long period of improvement in Rakhala’s health in a coma and a swift request from the family to send him back, the Embassy arranged for his transportation.

He had received treatment at King Abdullah Medical City Hospital. The Embassy mentioned that they have not been able to gather any details about the vehicle involved in the accident. Bhaktamani had been working in Saudi Arabia for the past seven years as part of his foreign employment. The entire cost of bringing him back to Nepal is being borne by the Nepali government, and the family has taken responsibility for his further treatment at the hospital, as informed by the Embassy.”

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