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Morocco continues to be in a state of shock after a massive effort to rescue five-year-old Rayan Awram from a deep well failed

Morocco: Funeral held for Rayan, five-year-old who died trapped in well
RIP Rayan Oram

Morocco: Rayan Oram fell into the 32m (104ft) well on 1 February, prompting lengthy rescue efforts. Hundreds of people gathered around the well, and the rescue efforts drew international attention. On Monday, his funeral will be held at his hamlet in the northern Rif mountains, where the tragedy occurred.

“The silence in the village is terrible this morning,” a relative told the AFP news agency.

Morocco: Funeral held for Rayan, five-year-old who died trapped in well

When the youngster was ultimately rescued from the well on Saturday evening, the audience erupted in applause. But, just minutes later, it was declared that the rescue had come too late, and Rayan had died.

The rescue mission had been broadcast across the world, and tributes flooded in as soon as the news of his death was confirmed. People expressed their sorrow and sympathy on social media, where the hashtag #SaveRayan was trending.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco contacted the boy’s parents and expressed his sympathies. While expressing his sadness, Pope Francis applauded how people “worked together to save a child” in a “wonderful” way. Rayan was remembered with a minute’s silence by players and supporters at Sunday’s Africa Cup of Nations final in Cameroon. When Rayan fell into the well, his father, Khaled Aourram, was preparing it. Rescuers concluded that opening the water well’s tiny shaft was too dangerous due to the site’s mix of rocky and sandy soils.

“We thank His Majesty the King, the authorities and all those who have helped us,” his father said on Saturday evening. “Praise God, have mercy on the dead.”

Rescuers attempted to give the boy oxygen, food, and drink, but it was uncertain whether he could use them. The child was alive and alert, according to footage from a camera dropped into the well on Thursday, but there were no further updates on his condition.

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