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Morbius starring jared leto Teases ‘Venom’ Connection in New Trailer

The second teaser for Marvel’s Morbius has been published, giving audiences a look at Jared Leto’s transition into the vampire anti-hero.

The latest MCU film features Michael Morbius (Leto), a biochemist in pursuit of a treatment for his uncommon blood condition. It is based on Roy Thomas and Gil Kane’s 1917 comic novels. Michael gains bat-like abilities such as echolocation and, of course, an insatiable appetite for blood after accidently injecting himself with vampirism.

Morbius, Marvels' awaited movie trailer released.

Morbius first appeared in a Marvel comic in 1971’s “The Amazing Spider Man,” and was later reintroduced in the 1992 series “Morbius, the Living Vampire.” Before finishing in 1995, the revival published 32 issues.

Martine Bancroft, the villain’s fiancee, is played by Adria Arjona, who co-stars with Leto in the film. The cast is completed by Jared Harris, Matt Smith, and Tyrese Gibson. Smith will play Loxias Crown, a man who shares Michael’ blood disease. Harris is set to play Morbius’ mentor, however his character’s name has yet to be revealed.

Morbius, Marvels' awaited movie trailer released.

Michael’ character is complex, as Leto described in a recent interview, “He’s clever, he’s strong, he’s got some special powers, but his powers seem to be out of his control.” “I played Morbius at his most weak, and his most monster,” Leto said of the physicality.

Daniel Espinosa is the director of the film. The script was written by “Lost in Space” co-creators Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, while “Spider-Man” producer Avi Arad is a producer alongside Matt Tolmach and Lucas Foster.

The trailer contains a few amusing references to the bigger world that is being developed around these Spider-Man villains. Morbius even gets a great little joke at the end, where he claims to be Venom, and Keaton makes a little appearance and remarks that he and Morbius should “keep in touch.”

“Morbius” is set to premiere on Jan. 28, 2022. It’s worth noting that “Morbius” was supposed to come out before Venom 2, so there won’t be anything quite as spectacular as the post-credits surprise.

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