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The incident may be the fourth fatality linked to the monkeypox outbreak since it started in May. Investigations into the death’s cause are ongoing.

Monkeypox: India reports first Asian death due to the virus

Monday saw the official confirmation of the first monkeypox death in India, and potentially the first in Asia. A 22-year-old man passed away on July 30 as a result of testing that “showed that the individual had monkeypox,” according to the health ministry of Kerala, a state in southern India.

Monkeypox may have contributed to the death, but that has not yet been determined. Last week, two deaths linked to monkeypox were confirmed in Spain, while a third was noted in Brazil. On July 23, the World Health Organization issued a global health emergency declaration.

Symptoms of the virus

According to Kerala’s Revenue Minister K Rajan, the guy arrived in Kerala on July 21 but didn’t go to the hospital till July 26 when he showed signs of weariness and fever.

He continued by saying that although the authorities has isolated 21 people, none of them were displaying any symptoms. According to Kerala’s Health Minister Veena George, the individual had just returned from the United Arab Emirates where he had tested positive.

“The young person showed no signs of monkeypox. He had been admitted to the hospital with encephalitis and exhaustion symptoms “George remarked. At least four cases of monkeypox have been officially reported in India to yet. The first incident occurred on July 15 and involved a man who had just returned to Kerala from the UAE.

Since the beginning of May, the WHO has documented more over 18,000 cases in 78 nations outside of Africa as part of the current global outbreak. The virus has typically been transferred from animals to humans, and the disease’s symptoms are typically milder than those of smallpox, according to the UN’s health agency.

The illness manifests as a fever, muscle ache, and a rash that blisters. There are vaccines to help prevent its spread, but there is a limited supply.

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