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At Minecraft Live conferences, improvements to the game are always announced, and the same has been true this year.

Minecraft adds new bamboo wood:

The rare Minecraft bamboo jungle biomes appear to have a new purpose thanks to bamboo, which appears to be a main star of the update. The addition of various bamboo blocks is planned. Along with getting the customary full block, slab, and stairs treatment, bamboo will also get a carved bookshelf that will provide players a special method to store their own books.

In addition to serving the same aesthetic functions as the other new blocks, this one will also be built of bamboo and will therefore have a more practical usage. It is also getting bamboo doors and probably signs, making it into a new kind of wood block. Bamboo will also be used to make rafts, which seem to function exactly like the other kinds of boats that are already available in the game.

Minecraft adds a Camel Mob:

For the upcoming update, a brand-new passive mob has also been made public. Unsurprisingly, desert biomes are where you’ll find camels. In place of a leap, they will feature a dash maneuver that enables them to cross rivers that would be very difficult for horses to cross. Two people will be able to ride them in tandem.

Minecraft 1.20 Update has new blocks, camels, skins and more

Although many may not find this to be the solution for the desert biomes in Minecraft, it will give the biomes a more vibrant vibe. They tend to appear somewhat desolate due to the significant lack of fascinating critters, especially when contrasted with the more eye-catching badlands biome, which is also a desert.

Minecraft adds 7 different skins:

The addition of 7 new default player skins, joining Steve and Alex, was one of the biggest revelations. These new characters were created to be representative and provide a wider spectrum of players with a character to relate to when selecting a default skin instead of forcing them to undertake the laborious and time-consuming effort of creating their own custom Minecraft skins.

The arrival of these fresh skins is the first since Alex’s debut in 2014. Given that the game Minecraft places such a strong emphasis on creativity and individual expression, this feels like a welcome and logical development. Currently, not even their names are known for each individual character, but this information will undoubtedly be made public closer to the update’s release.

Although it is planned for a 2023 release, there is talk that it could happen as early as January.

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