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If you join Microsoft’s Insiders Program, you may now test Windows 11 through the first Insider Preview. Most of Windows 11 is already included in preview build 22000.51, although the new Microsoft Teams Integration and Android apps through the Store will be added later.

The new appearance includes a reworked settings menu with a persistent navigation bar on the left side (so you don’t get lost in a mess of options), an updated File Explorer, and four new themes – Glow, Captured Motion, Sunrise, and Flow – as well as new sounds. Along with the new Widgets feature, this release includes Windows 11’s new themes and dark / light mode changes.

With Win + N and Win + A, you can easily access the new Notification Center and Quick Settings, respectively. The Insider Preview includes the new Snap Groups and Snap Layouts; linger over a window’s maximize button to see potential layouts. Snap groups allows you to group windows together and jump to them easily later.

Insiders will also get an early peek at Microsoft Office, which is optimized for Windows 11 and features clipped window corners. For ARM users, there’s also a new 64-bit Office to try out.

While becoming a Windows Insider is simple, it is not recommended that you install the beta software on your primary computer because there are numerous known problems and unknown bugs.

The list of compatible hardware for Windows 11 is hazy and difficult to follow, but Microsoft has waived some of it for insiders who signed up before June 24.

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