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At an online developer event, Mark Zuckerberg presented the Quest Pro, a new VR headset.

Meta reveals new VR Headset at $1499

Quest Pro costs $1,499 (£1,370), which is nearly four times as much as current headset of Meta, the Quest 2, which has a starting price of $399. It claims slimmer lenses, a curved battery around the back of the head strap, and self-tracking controllers.

The headset also enables users to see their actual surroundings outside the screen’s edge. Unlike its predecessor, Quest Pro supports mixed reality, allowing users to view digital information overlaid on the actual world.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, called mixed reality “the next important step for VR.” The device is more suitable to “high-end, enthusiast, and possibly enterprise customers” than mass-market, according to Tuong Nguyen, a Gartner researcher.

The workplace platform Windows 365 will also be accessible on it, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, as Meta aims to position mixed reality and virtual reality as both a work tool and a form of pleasure.

The company Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is banking on the development of the metaverse, a virtual environment where users may both conduct their daily lives as avatars and explore fantastical virtual worlds.

Although several IT companies are developing their own metaverses, it will probably be years before any are realized.

There have been conflicting reviews of Meta’s current virtual reality environment, Horizons, and there have also been allegations of violence and sexual assault committed by avatars there.

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