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Marvel has released a new video for the animated Disney+ show What If…?, which explores what would happen if significant events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe played out differently.

In the latest trailer for Marvel’s What If…?, unexpected out-of-this-world situations for the MCU are revealed. Marvel has been flooding Disney+ with exciting new content for months, starting with WandaVision in January. The MCU has a slew of TV projects in the works for the streaming service, the most of which revolve around beloved characters from the films.

The animated What If…?, on the other hand, is a notable deviation from this style, as it speculates on what might have happened if specific MCU events had unfolded differently.

For example, the first episode of What If…? imagines an universe in which Peggy Carter, rather than Steve Rogers, receives the super soldier serum. Each episode will focus on a fresh adventure set in the Marvel universe, featuring characters that fans are familiar with.

It will also feature the voices of performers from the movie, notably Chadwick Boseman, who played T’Challa in his final role. Last winter, Marvel released a teaser trailer for What If…?, and now fans can get another look at the speculative series.

Marvel's 'What if' trailer dropped
Marvel’s ‘What if’ trailer dropped

The official trailer for What If…? was published today by Marvel Entertainment, and it’s a wild journey. Almost single MCU character is shown for at least a few seconds, and it’s evident that there are a lot of fascinating adventures to come. It also confirms that the show would launch on August 11 and gives new peeks at some of the stories covered in the ten episodes.

Though the new What If…? trailer includes several previously announced stories, like as the aforementioned Peggy Carter plot and T’Challa as Star-Lord, it also offers new notions that are sure to make jaws drop.

For starters, the trailer begins with Killmonger assisting Tony Stark during Iron Man’s raid on Afghanistan. For example, some new characters from Guardians of the Galaxy have joined the famous Avengers roster during the Battle of New York.

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