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While fans await Sony’s official marketing campaign, Spider-Man: No Way Home may provide the first glimpse of Tom Holland’s new outfit. In the Sanctum Santorum, Spider-Man fights alongside Dr. Strange and Wong, according to a recent LEGO set leak.

Marvel kicked off Friday morning with a big Spider-Man: No Way Home announcement, showing off the toys that feature Peter Parker’s new Spidey outfit from the flick. This time around, Peter gets a few new styles, including an upgraded version of the red, blue, and gold costume he wore in prior films.

This time, though, there is a costume that is entirely out of left field, and it appears to be capturing the attention of fans. It’s easy to see why one of the new Spider-Man suits is simply referred to as the “black and gold suit.” It has the original Spidey suit patterns, however the outfit’s base is black and the lines are gold all over.

It’s difficult to say whether this set depicts a scene from the film because a similar set depicting the Vulture also has Spider-Man: No Way Home emblazoned on it. The graphic on the right side of each box, on the other hand, portrays a significantly different “Spidey Suit” than we’ve seen before.

Furthermore, leaked concept art of the suit appears to match the one on the LEGO box, implying that it will appear in the film.

There’s no telling where this outfit came from or if it has any special abilities to help Peter on his journey, but it’s unlike anything else we’ve seen Marvel made him wear in the MCU so far.

Both the Iron-Spider costume from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, as well as his new Stark outfit from Spider-Man: Far From Home, appear to have influenced this new suit. Only time will tell what this new outfit will look like or how it will be created.

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