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Australia floods leaves homes and business submerged

Australia floods: Brisbane, Australia’s third-largest city, was under water Monday after torrential rains caused record floods on the east coast, killing eight people. Brisbane and its environs are seeing their worst flooding since 2011, when the metropolis of 2.6 million people was swamped by a once-in-a-century storm.

A man in his 50s drowned on Monday morning after driving his car into floodwaters before daybreak in Gold Coast city, south of Brisbane, according to Queensland state police. The deaths of the man and his dog were discovered hours later in a submerged automobile washed off the road, according to a police statement.

Life-threatening flash flooding was reported in areas of the Gold Coast, according to Queensland emergency services. In just 24 hours, emergency teams performed more than 130 swift-water rescues, according to officials. All eight flood deaths occurred in Queensland, the state capital of which is Brisbane. On Saturday, a solitary sailor in his 70s fell overboard from his yacht in the Brisbane River near the city center, prompting an ongoing search.

A man missing from Goodna, west of Brisbane, and another from Esk, northwest of Brisbane, were also being sought by police. Police were searching for a man south of the Queensland border on Monday after hearing him pleading for aid in floodwaters in the New South Wales town of Lismore on Sunday.

After a pontoon holding a crane broke free from its moorings upstream and began riding the floodwaters toward them, police advised downtown Brisbane businesses along the river shoreline to evacuate. On Monday, 2,145 homes and 2,356 businesses in Brisbane suburbs were flooded, prompting many emergency flood alarms.

Another 10,827 homes were inundated partially above the flooring. m The Brisbane River reached a height of 3.85 meters (12 feet, 3 inches) on Monday, according to officials. Officials stated the Australia floods water level was 61 centimeters (2 feet) lower than the 4.46-meter (14 foot, 3 inch) flood level reached in 2011.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the rain has been unusually heavy over Brisbane since November, when authorities were considering water restrictions owing to a shortfall.

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