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Covid Patients lung Scans reveal hidden lung damage.

Long Covid: A brief pilot research in the United Kingdom reveals that certain persons with long Covid may have hidden lung harm. The researchers used an unique xenon gas scan method to detect lung abnormalities that were missed by standard scans.

They focused on 11 persons who did not require hospitalization when they first contracted Covid but developed long-term breathlessness afterward. To corroborate the findings, a larger, more extensive investigation is being conducted. The research relies on a previous study that looked at persons who had been hospitalized with Covid.

Long Covid refers to a host of symptoms that continue for many weeks after a coronavirus infection and cannot be explained by another cause.

The findings, according to the researchers, give some understanding on why breathlessness is so common in long Covid – though the causes of shortness of breath are generally numerous and varied.

Long Covid: Hidden lung damage in long run

During a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, all subjects inhaled xenon gas using the innovative method. Scientists were able to “see” how successfully the gas went from the lungs into the blood stream – a vital stage in carrying oxygen across the body – because it behaves similarly to oxygen and can be followed visually during scans.

Gas transfer was observed to be less effective in the majority of persons with long Covid than in healthy controls. Similar anomalies were seen in those who had been admitted to the hospital for Covid.

Dr. Emily Fraser, the study’s lead researcher and a lung expert, said it was difficult to see people in clinic and not be able to explain why they were out of breath.

“This is essential research, and I sincerely hope it sheds more light on that.” “However,” she noted, “it is critical that individuals understand that rehabilitation procedures and breathing retraining can be extremely beneficial.”

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