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Thundery downpours also created floods in parts of London, according to the Met Office, with over 150 calls to the fire department.

On Monday night, severe rains pounded southern England, causing significant flooding. Heavy and slow-moving thundery rains produced flooding in parts of London, according to the Met Office. Over 150 calls to flooding problems were received by the London fire brigade’s 999 control officers, according to the London fire brigade.

The severe rains were predicted to last for the rest of the evening, according to forecasters. The Met Office has issued a yellow rain warning for regions south of Peterborough that will run until midnight. A yellow warning implies that homes and businesses could be inundated, causing damage to certain structures; fast-flowing or deep flood water is probable; rail and bus service delays or cancellations are possible; and bad driving conditions and power outages are conceivable.

Northern England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are expected to see less precipitation. The Environment Agency has issued a flood notice for Basingstoke, Hampshire, areas around the upper River Loddon. One lane of the M6 southbound from junction 32 to junction 31A has been closed owing to flooding on the carriageway, according to Highways England on Twitter.

It comes as the Environment Agency South West warned that strong, intense rainfall caused surface water flooding in Dorset today, and that people should avoid driving across floodwaters. Flood warnings have been issued by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency for locations north-west of Edinburgh.

According to Sarah Kent of the Met Office, 60mm of rain might fall in southwestern England in just a few hours on Monday evening. “The most intense rains will be in the UK’s southern and western regions,” she said. “Thunderstorms are raging across the English Channel right now.”

On Tuesday, drier weather with temperatures as high as 24°C is anticipated in central and southern England, with temperatures as high as 18°C in northern England and Scotland.

“With the heavy rains we’re expecting, localized floods and perhaps some transport disruption are on the way, sadly just as people are running errands and returning home from work.”

Wednesday is expected to be warmer, with highs of 26°C in the south and 24°C in the north, according to the Met Office.

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