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explosion outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Remembrance Sunday

Liverpool: Just before 11:00 GMT, a cab burst and was engulfed in flames near the entrance, killing the passenger and injuring the driver with the driver needing hospital treatment. Liverpool Mayor Joanne Anderson hailed the cabbie, known locally as David Perry, as a hero for securing the guy inside the vehicle.

In connection with the incident on Sunday, four males were arrested in the city. According to Head of Counter Terrorism Policing North West Russ Jackson, the cab passenger appeared to have manufactured a “improvised explosive device” that triggered the blast. Assistant Chief Constable Jackson stated that the man’s motivation was “still to be understood.”

According to an immediate inquiry, a taxi carrying one passenger – a man who was picked up from the Rutland Avenue area and wanted to be brought to the hospital around 10 minutes away – pulled up to the hospital and detonated shortly after. The passenger, who was pronounced deceased at the site, has yet to be identified properly.

“We are… aware that there were Remembrance festivities just a short distance from the hospital and that the ignition occurred shortly before 11 a.m.,” said ACC Jackson. We can’t make any connections at this moment, but it’s a line of investigation we’re following.” He verified that a fourth man had been apprehended earlier in the city’s Kensington neighborhood.

A 20-year-old was taken into jail, according to ACC Jackson. Three other guys, aged 21, 26, and 29, were apprehended in Kensington’s Sutcliffe Street on Sunday. Counter-terrorism detectives will question all four of them later. The men have all been arrested and are being imprisoned under the Terrorism Act.

The mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the driver saved the city from a “terrible calamity” by acting heroically.

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