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Despite the fact that the club and the player have reached an agreement and have stated their intention to sign a new contract today, this is not possible due to financial and structural constraints.

Despite the fact that FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi have reached an agreement and both sides have stated their desire to sign a new contract today, this is not possible due to Spanish LaLiga player registration requirements. Lionel Messi will not be returning to FC Barcelona as a result of this circumstance.

Both sides lament that the player’s and the club’s wishes will not be realized in the end. FC Barcelona extends its heartfelt gratitude to the player for his contribution to the club’s success and wishes him all the best in his personal and professional endeavors in the future. Like the rest of the world, the former captain was taken completely off surprise.

Lionel Messi, like the rest of us, is still processing. According to a source from Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona declared on Thursday afternoon that the captain will no longer continue at the club with a bombshell statement, alleging that La Liga laws rendered it impossible for Barça to register Messi’s contract, and the player is in “shock.”

Messi will not make a public statement until further information is available, which should include a news conference by president Joan Laporta on Friday. According to the source, Messi wants to bid goodbye to the supporters and deliver a joint statement with Barça. Messi returned to Barcelona on Wednesday, assured that he would sign a new five-year contract with the club, with rumors claiming that only minor details needed to be worked out between the two parties before the deal was finalized this weekend.

But everything has changed, and the news has taken everyone in the sports world by surprise, even Messi. Lionel Messi is no longer a member of the Barcelona team. Wow.

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