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The new Ligue 1 season began with a hat trick of assists from Neymar and another goal from Messi.

Lionel Messi Scores His Career's First Bicycle Kick

Even by their high standards of dominance, Paris Saint-Germain had a strong start to the Ligue 1 season in 2022–23. Neymar scored once and recorded a hat trick of assists, and Achraf Hakimi and Marquinhos also found the back of the net. Lionel Messi collected two goals and an assist. However, how Messi added the final goal will be the talk of the evening.

I liked his aim, Galtier remarked. “Leo has spent 17 years operating at the highest level. It was challenging last season as he was getting acclimated to it. It used to be 30 goals a season before then. Now that he is comfortable with his family, club, team, and colleagues, there is no reason he cannot have a fantastic season. With Kylian [Mbappe], our attack will be even more potent.”

It was a thing of beauty, and from the expression on Messi’s face, it is clear that he was ecstatic to add a bicycle kick goal to his long list of achievements. If he’s lucky, this will be the beginning of a campaign in which he accomplishes the one other goal that has eluded him during his otherwise unrivaled career: helping Argentina win the World Cup.

Even if it is still early in the season, Messi and Neymar’s play gives Galtier and Luis Campos great hope as they create the new PSG identity. Although it was always going to be difficult for Clermont, we are already observing a fresh focus that was infrequently there under Mauricio Pochettino.

The difficulty PSG faces is maintaining this form heading into the UEFA Champions League, when Galtier is on unfamiliar ground and the pressure is that much greater for players like Messi and Neymar. On Paramount+, you can follow the adventure from the group stage onward.

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