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The amber eyed Shurima hunter K’Sante is shown in the League of Legends champion’s next teaser.

League of Legends introduce new Champion, K'Sante

In the champion teaser of League of Legends, the city of origin of the new champions can also be seen through the window of what we may assume to be K’Sante chamber.

According to Riot Games, the new top laner will be a “high-skill” bruiser. According to Riot Games, the new top laner will be a “high-skill” bruiser. In the April Champion Roadmap from earlier this year in the preseason video, where lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles provided further details about the Pride of Nazumah,

All League enthusiasts who are curious to learn more about the new territory in Runeterra are still puzzled by the new city in Shurima. Fans may hear K’Sante’s voice as he is towering over his desk as a fresh morning break on Nazumah.

The table’s surface is decorated with information on the animals that the Nazumah people hunt, feathers, a bow pattern, and a claw. Further into the video, K’Sante is seen looking over a weapon beside his table that would lead League players to forbid the champion from participating in their upcoming games.

The new top laner will likely be made public in the coming weeks, just before the World Championship comes to a finish. Riot and Lil Nas X will collaborate to create K’Sante’s prestige skin.

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