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The second season of Knockout City, a movie-themed adventure through Velan Studios’ innovative online dodgeball game, will launch on all platforms on July 27.

Knockout City, EA’s dodge brawler, will get a new level as part of the second season’s launch next week, and it looks fairly cool: It takes place in a massive movie studio with a variety of different film genres, and “the playing field alters in real-time” throughout matches, according to EA. The season, dubbed “Fight at the Movies,” will provide gamers with a new set of tiered goodies, including new skins, dodgeballs, and more.

In a sneak peak development roadmap released at the end of June, the premiere date for Season 2 was disclosed. Season 2 will include, among other things, a new map, five new playlists, and three special events, according to Velan. Season 3 will premiere in the fall, with Season 4 following in the winter.

Knockout City’s new areas were all given the look of a Hollywood set in the teaser revealed at EA Play 2021 on Thursday, with a special appearance from a massive mech trampling across one map. A castle and a weird, larger-than-life-size child’s bedroom were among the other arenas.

Season 2 teaser trailer of Knockout City

In addition to the map, a new ball has been added: the Soda Ball. Your screen will be temporarily covered in sticky Soda pop if you are hit in the face with this ball, which sounds terribly terrible, but sometimes annoying things are amusing. Apart from that, expect the standard live service fare: A new season of League Play, the game’s ranked mode, will be released featuring new rewards, as well as new cosmetics and playlists. You can also unlock a new Crew Vehicle (a limo) through Crew Contracts.

New ball: Soda pop

Knockout City debuted in May to positive reviews and a sizable player population, thanks to the game’s generous trial period—the game is free until you reach Rank 25, which should take all but the most dedicated a long time.

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