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He has spent his entire life getting ready for the crown. At 73 years old, that time has finally come.

King Charles III: Queen's son will be the new Britain's ruler

After his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away on Thursday, Charles—the oldest monarch in British history—took the throne. His coronation has not yet been given a date. But King Charles III would be his official title, Clarence House said on Thursday afternoon.

King Charles represents the modernization of the British monarchy after an apprenticeship that began when he was a little child. He was the first heir who did not receive home education, the first to graduate from a university, and the first to grow up under the intense spotlight of the media as respect for monarchy diminished.

He further alienated people by flouting the laws prohibiting royals from interfering in public affairs and by engaging in heated disputes about topics like environmental preservation and architectural preservation. He further alienated many with his contentious divorce from the beloved Princess Diana.

According to historian Ed Owens, “he now finds himself in, if you like, the fall of his life, needing to think carefully about how he portrays his image as a public figure.” He’s not even close to his mother’s level of popularity.

According to Owens, Charles must learn how to foster the “popular support, a sense of fondness” that defined the bond Elizabeth shared with the British people. Will Charles still enjoy the same level of favor among his people? His entire life has been consumed with this query.

Charles, who was a shy child with a controlling father, developed into an unassuming, somewhat awkward guy who yet has confidence in his own judgment. Charles has given talks and written articles on topics near to his heart, like climate change, green energy, and alternative medicine, in contrast to his mother, who would not express her opinions in public.

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