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Kenyans are voting for their new president following a contentious campaign that was dominated by discussions about the expense of living, unemployment, and corruption.

Kenya: People vote for new leader after increase in costs

After serving the constitutionally mandated two terms, outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta is endorsing his former rival Raila Odinga, age 77, to succeed him. After a disagreement with 55-year-old Deputy President William Ruto, who had anticipated being supported, he made his decision. The people from Kenya, who want to vote are enrolled in their millions.

A mix-up of ballots in some locations for some of the votes in other elections that are taking place concurrently has once again called into question how the main election was organized.

Voting is available for 11 hours starting at 6:00 local time (03:00 GMT). Voting will be open to anybody in line when it closes.

The Supreme Court determined that the electoral commission had broken the law when it came to the electronic transfer of the vote totals from the polling places, leading to the annulment of the results of the most recent presidential election in 2017.

Judges decided that there had been “illegalities and irregularities.” Mr. Odinga, the primary opponent at the time, boycotted the rerun, which Mr. Kenyatta won.

Wafula Chebukati, the chairman of the electoral commission and the man in charge of the 2017 election, has repeatedly made an effort to convince Kenyans that his team is up to the task this time. But the scheduling issues on Monday have put more pressure on him.

The contest between front-runners Mr. Odinga and Mr. Ruto appears to be close.

Mr. Odinga, a long-serving opposition figure known to his supporters as Baba (the word for “father”), is seeking the presidency for a fifth time. Mr. Ruto, who calls himself a “hustler” in an effort to emphasize his connection with regular Kenyans, will be making his maiden run for the presidency.

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