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Warner Bros. has revealed the title of Keanu Reeves’ The Matrix: Resurrections, following many leaked photographs from the sets of The Matrix 4 and much anticipation.

At its CinemaCon presentation on Tuesday, Warner Bros. made a big announcement: the trailer for its Village Roadshow co-production Matrix 4. The official title has also been revealed by Warner Bros.: The Matrix: Resurrections. The trailer begins with Neil Patrick Harris conversing with Neo, played by Keanu Reeves. San Francisco in the not-too-distant future. Neo appears to be confined in a mundane environment, similar to his original self in the 1999 film. He simply does not comprehend his environment.

Neo, played by Reeves, wonders aloud, “Am I insane?” Harris’ therapist says, “We don’t use that word in here.”

In a coffee, Reeves runs into Carrie Anne Moss’ Trinity and inquires, “Have we met?”

As Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” song plays, a shot of blue pills spills into a sink.

Then there’s a glimpse of Neo in the mirror, warping into an elderly guy. Neo is told by a younger Morpheus that it is “time to fly,” and is given a crimson pill.

Neo also appears to have gained a few new abilities since the last film, with a shot of what appears to be him using telekinesis to control a missile and keep it from striking him in the trailer. Then there’s a lot of jumping, a lot of mid-air twists, karate, and all the other acrobatics you’d expect from a Matrix film.

After The Matrix and The Matrix, it was expected that The Matrix Revolutions, released in 2003, would be the final installment in the series. So Warner Bros.’ announcement that Lana Wachowski would return to direct The Matrix 4 came as a surprise. Lana Wachowski’s film is still scheduled to be released on December 22. There’s no news on when the trailer will be released on social media; this was solely for CinemaCon attendees.

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss reprise their roles in The Matrix: Resurrections. In the film, Neil Patrick Harris, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Priyanka Chopra play significant roles.

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