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US President Joe Biden is “doing great” despite a positive Covid test.

US President Joe Biden is isolating at the White House after testing positive for COVID-19. According to press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the 79-year-old is feeling “very modest symptoms” but will continue to perform all of his duties despite being completely immunized and having gotten two booster shots. She also said that the president was taking the antiviral drug Paxlovid. Mr. Biden said in a tweet that he was “doing great” and “keeping busy.” First Lady Jill Biden, his wife, claimed she had tested negative.

According to Ms. Jean-Pierre, the president will continue to work alone in accordance with White House policy while participating in meetings via phone and Zoom.

Joe Biden, US president tests positive for COVID-19
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Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House Covid coordinator, reported that the president was exhausted and had a runny nose and dry cough. He claimed that although Mr. Biden went to bed feeling well, he did not get enough sleep, and on Thursday morning, he tested positive. At 14:00 ET, Ms. Jean-Pierre will speak at a press conference with Dr. Jha (19:00 BST).

According to Ms. Jean-Pierre, the White House medical staff will notify all of the president’s close associates throughout the day, including any members of the press or members of Congress who were there when Mr. Biden visited Massachusetts on Wednesday. According to First Lady Mrs. Biden, she spoke to her husband and found out he was “doing fine.”

“He’s feeling good. I tested negative this morning. I’m going to keep my schedule. According to CDC guidelines, I’m keeping masked,” she said.

The most recent Covid test for Mr. Biden, who will turn 80 this year and is the oldest president in US history, came back negative on Tuesday, according to the White House. In a memo to Ms. Jean-Pierre, Mr. Biden’s doctor Kevin O’Connor stated that the president had received two booster shots and was completely immunized, and that this gave him “extra protection against serious sickness.” Dr. O’Connor determined that Mr. Biden was “fit for duty” and “healthy” and “vigorous” at his most recent physical test in November, according to the BBC’s US partner CBS.

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